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Get fit in Stratford-on-Avon.

Cotswold Branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild. I was asked to stitch together this website. How could I refuse?

A holiday cottage to let in Fowey.

Exmouth Marina, webcam, various local building projects, old photos etc.

Yoga classes in Budleigh Salterton.

Powderham Castle and a couple of Classis Car Shows with many photos.

As I’d taken advantage of other websites in the past showing how to do things, I thought I’d add some of my own to even the score. I also looked into explanations of various other things and added those as well.

Brother wrote a book. The end.

Chronicle of many sailing exploits over the years, with photos and narrative.

There once was a dog called Murphy. Lovely dog.

And more  . . .


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Thesis

1968, Precipitation in Aluminium-Copper-Lithium Alloys.

Solute atom clustering processes in aluminium-copper-lithium alloys

Mar 1970, Acta Metallurgica Vol 18

High temperature deformation of stainless steel

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Handbook of Conference on the Applications of High Voltage Electron Microscopy.

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The relationship between duplex oxidation and structural stability in austenitic stainless steels

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Coauthor Dr R. Hales

Determination of the life expectancy of Plant which has operated at high temperature

Nov 1978,  Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Vol 26

Report on the IMechE Conference, 21 November 1978

Creep life of materials with a continuously developing gradient of mechanical properties

Nov 1985,   High Temperature Technology

Description of a generalised computer-based model for predicting the creep behaviour of components undergoing changes in mechanical properties due to continuing environmental effects. The model can deal with either strengthening or weakening of the material, as well as concomitant changes in ductility.The model is illustrated by sample calculations for a steel specimen exposed to carburising environments, and comparisons are made with creep behaviour in an inert environment.

Methods of assessing the effects of interface oxide growth in Magnox and Advance gas-cooled reactor plant

Oct 1986,  Nuclear Energy

Growth of oxide at interfaces between structural steel components in CO2-cooled reactors can deform fastenings such as bolts and welds. The mechanical reponse of joint members to oxide growth is discussed, and methods of assessment are outlined which contribute to procedures for ensuring continued structural integrity.

A computer program for the production of skills profiles for the BTEC/City and Guilds Foundation Programme

Jan 1, 1989 , BTEC/City and Guilds

A computer program, in Basic, for the production of skills profiles for the BTEC/City and Guilds Foundaton Programme - for use with the Amstrad PCW.

The effect of oxidation on the integrity of bolted structures

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Scientific studies on effects of environment on components in gas cooled nuclear power plant 1972-1992

A listing of scientific papers on the integrity of components and life-limiting features of gas-cooled nuclear power plant structures.

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by Dr Ian McLauchlin